Ophelia X 100

My dog, Ophelia, has been drawn 100 times for 100 days (instagram 100 day challenge). Drawing my dog was a huge departure from the style and content of my current art but the experience was quite rewarding! I’m now working on a commission for a dog named Maggie, with photos upcoming! Here’s the 100 drawings in entirety:

And another one!

Yes, it’s a new mural I’m drawing on Plexiglass… I haven’t even had enough time to post photos of the last one. This will be 40ft wide, in a window (so two sided)…It’s pretty exciting. More process photos as they come. via Instagram http://ift.tt/1W8UZRM

100 Days of Ophelia

My dog and I are participating in the 110 days project! A commitment to undertake a creative task every day for 100- my task is to draw Ophelia, my bad ass dog (#baddestbitchinthegame). I chose this because… -My dog is cute. -It’s hard to get tired of her endless expressions, goofy personality and regal poses. -I’m trying to get good at (learn to) use a computer tablet. I don’t really like to draw on the computer… but it quite useful. Follow the #hundredaysofophelia project on my Instagram. HUGGS.

Pen and ink mural of NYC Skyline for BKB

This is one section of a 15×15 foot silkscreen mural coming to BKB end of July! via Instagram http://ift.tt/1pbe5p3 Getting #crazy on that #BKB #brooklyn #mural of the #NYC #skyline #drawing #latenight #zoom