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I make art and live in Brooklyn. I show primarily in NYC and the Pacific Northwest, I had my first solo show in Portland, Oregon, 2004.  I work in a wide variety of mediums, do design work, instillations, murals- whatever. You can find me gardening, biking, surfing or teaching climbing always with my trusty pups, Ophelia and Zaetoven.

More about me and what inspires my artwork

I grew up hiking and backpacking throughout the US, something I’m still passionate about and deeply influences my art. While hiking I’m often very distracted taking photos of obscure things, because of this I’ll often backpack solo… but I’ll always have my dog with me.

Despite my love of nature, I live in NYC! I also have a love for architecture, people photography, the music and the crazy energy one can find here.


I started my art carrier in Portland, Oregon. After my first solo show in 2004, I started collaborating for the next couple years constantly with Justin Gorman. We pushed each other to explore new ways of working on art together, different ways to push our own personal practices, drank lots of beer and just had a bunch of fun.

Before I started making art seriously, I was a whitewater river (class 5) guide, starting in Colorado in 2002 and guiding across the country for the next 8 years. I learned a lot about myself during these years… about confidence and fear management through some terrifying rapids and trips. I learned to respect the river, the power it has, the unpredictable nature of the water and the humbleness it gives you.

I learned about people, having fun with them, making fun of them, sharing the beauty of rivers and often bailing them out of some terrifying situations. I’m very grateful to have spent so much time commercially rafting primarily on the Arkansas, Chattooga and White Salmon rivers. I still boat on rivers, just not as much and not commercially. Being a river guide might be the biggest single influencer on who I am and how I approach making art.

My art incorporates architecture, vibrant/energetic paintings, technical line drawings of topography, buildings, people, plants, flowers and mountains. I work in many mixed media and materials.

I love the process of collaboration, working with designers, building owners and other artists to have new outcomes. I’ve done murals and installs in many cities across the US.

I’m also a professional rock climbing instructor, certifying other instructors across the US through the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA). I teach instructors the standards of instruction, risk management, rescue and client management. I’ve been rock climbing for over 20 years, starting in Smith Rock, Oregon. I travel and mentor other aspiring climbing professionals and host certification courses when I’m not working on an art project.

Oh, and let me introduce Ophelia (left) and Zaetoven (right), the most bad ass wonderful dogs ever.

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