Canvas Paintings

    Using custom lighting

    About this project…

    Dog Illustrations

    I love dogs and drawing- that’s about all one needs to know? I do custom drawings in person or from photos which can be on paper, canvas or digital.

    Paper Prints

    I’m trained as a traditntal printmaker and create limited edition hand printed silkscreens artworks.  All my works are can be reproduced digitally and I often integrate a digital mixed media in my practice.

    Site Based Murals

    I hand paint, draw and silkscreen murals on all surface or size.  Murals for businesses, private residencies or outdoor spaces.  My artwork is happy being out of the gallery and for everyone to see!

    Multi Layer Install

    I work with multi layers to build sculptural art installs which communicate immense detail and depth using a mix of mediums including LED lights, laser etched wood or glass.

    Canvas Paintings

    I started as an oil painter.  My canvas paintings are often robustly colorful, playful and dynamic.  Plus they’re the easiest to hang.

    Available works.