You ain’t even on my son’s level, he just a littleĀ Annotatesick
This ain’t really nuttin devil, it’s just a little bit
Illegitimate trip through my scenic path
If I really spit, the kids would hate english class
Do the math, my science will blow up your lab
Slow up your staff, I laugh at your arts and crafts
You ass, smelly socks and jocks, gym trash
Drag past those who study honies with drab bags
Son you, have your moms yellin HEY THEY +BAGGED-DAD+
Come through, bomb you like schools in Iraq
Dumb dude, in fact you fiction, mouth be spittin
Raps collapse your ear where wax’ll stack, listen
Drum tap, young cat, old vision, soul glisten
Gun clap, one track mind, rhyme whole rhythm creatin
Instead of waitin, refrain from thought patterns
Of your dame givin me crazy brains like horseradish