Art Bridge public works show July 1st

I’ve got three pieces selected to show in Carol Gardens/Gowanus Art Bridge’s public works program:

At any given time, New York City is ensnared by over one million square feet of unsightly construction fencing. ArtBridge transforms this visual blight into gallery-quality art exhibitions.

This series of works starts with photos of orange fabric coverings and scaffolding at construction sites. These photos are made into patterns by way of repetition. The drawings are layered over to create an urban map of lines, representing the city and it’s planned structure. Mixed in are abstract colorful paintings conveying the cities life and motion.

These elements are combined in a fantastical way to represent the change, structure and motion of NYC. There’s a lot to be excited about as future generations are more and more invested in our cities. Theres a lot of room for creativity as we reimagine our cities in a new way.

(past ArtBridge project)