mural for the cure

I’m currently finishing up my mural: to be up in portland this winter. The process has been exhausting… but the final product will make little children cry and old people laugh.


In one month exactly I start my tour of Europe. I’ll be checking on conventional progress, taking photos, consulting with foreign brethren, and last but not least- dodging suicide bombers. A daily post will be set up on this site- with photos and deep rambling excerpts from journals and…like scribbles on beer coasters from bars. things like that.

New show: Ayden Gallery

New show: Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, BC. Lots of dope artists. check out the bill. If you can’t make the show. you can still buy some pieces online. A discount-rock-bottom-blow out sale! art for cheep. Have nice artwork in your living room and cute girls will think your deep. introspective. cultured. even if you are not.

Back to internet, back to reality.

After a trip across the US things are ready to be done. check in a second for new things to come. Untill then a photo or two. 08/18/06 NEW show this thursday: 24th. at Audio Cinema check it out at:


A picture series dedicated to Justin Gorman and Kansas. Shit is cute. Inspired by his photography: scope his shit out: Build Production

People love buying art.

People love buying art. In the process of big things… as always. More details later. Scope out new EIGHTYSIXNINE designs. If your in portland: check out Upper Playground. just opened: 5th and Couch NW. Uhhhhhhh. Thanks for checking the site.