People love buying art.

People love buying art. In the process of big things… as always. More details later. Scope out new EIGHTYSIXNINE designs. If your in portland: check out Upper Playground. just opened: 5th and Couch NW. Uhhhhhhh. Thanks for checking the site.

Portland Modern show

Portland Modern show: Where: Disjecta, 230 E. Burnside (Templeton Bldg) When: July 14 – August 26 | hours: thur-sun, 12-6pm Opening reception: Friday, July 14, 7-10pm Come check that out- it’ll be off the chain. version 2.0 version 2.0 a new site for the changing times. has been classic. yep. Check out the new EIGHTYSIXNINE shit. Grab 4- they’ll be on sale within a week.

Still here. Still watching the streets.

Still here. Still watching the streets. This site is bout to hit an update- mostly to make everything more accessible and more offensive. Priorities are clear. Stay up on good things to come. Clothing is near. Limited edition prints, posters, and photos are near…. and more art up on the horizon or whatever.

Willamette art review. Dollar spent is a dollar earned and whatnot.

Fifty dollars to Richard Spears and this is what you get: Willamette art review. Some things are still pure, help support our art! we are made men. girls flock. dollar spent is a dollar earned and whatnot. “Drips And Splatters. Backspace scores a hit with action-painting duo.” April 19th, 2006 RICHARD SPEER | Visual Arts

Portland Modern

We’ll be in the upcoming May issue of the Portland Modern. This is good. More news releases and descriptions, here one step away from making millions off this art thing. one step. 05/07/06 Portland Modern Release party: Friday, May 12, 9pm at Apotheke (1314 NW Glisan Suite 2A). Come by and see me pretending to be a wealthy and artistic artist. it’s hard work.


Great show turnout- much appreciated to all those that gave support….. and even more to those who gave support in the form of finance.

Just pulled a silkscreen. It looks cool

Scope out the new show: April 6th, first thursday. Just pulled a silkscreen. It looks cool. After leinghty concideration, the it’s been titled: “Half man, half computer…and Kate Moss.”

April Show Information

APRIL 6th, first Thursday. A show of limited edition silkscreen and a live painting-music collaboravite. Sportkint, it’s Justin Gorman and Caleb Freese. 125 NW 5th ave. (Next to Backspace). Doors open a 6pm. Painting starts at 9:30. Live nude models appear at 2 am. This is a Backspace and Sportknit collaboration